Moto FB6188


Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 53 cm
Vehicle weight: 7.8 kg
Maximum load: 20kg
Binh: 6V4AH
Engine 1 Engine
Age Children from 1 to 5 years old
Call to order and register your agent now: (028) 3960 2266 – 3960 2076 (7:30 – 17:30)


Model FB-6188 has a simple, compact design with only 7.8 kg, designed based on the design of a modern motorcycle with extreme sports style for children.
+ The chassis is designed with a durable and sturdy design with good bearing steel material, with a sturdy plastic shell that is safe for your baby to play.
+ The color of the car is fresh, dynamic and eye-catching
+ The car’s seat is quite spacious and comfortable with high-grade hard plastic upholstery, two sides with leg room for the baby when sitting.
+ At the head and tail of the FB-6188 electric motorcycle for kids, there are prominent, flashing LED lights, giving the baby excitement when playing
+ The car also has an MP3 music system on play with funny songs, with a USB jack, memory card connected to external devices to capture music for the baby.
+ FB 6188 has 2 large wheels and 2 small auxiliary wheels in the back to help keep the baby driver’s balance when he was a child, when he / she has mastered the driving, these two wheels can be disassembled.
+ Vehicles are also equipped with mirrors, horns …


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