Electric car NEL 1200


Weight: 12.7 kg
Dimensions: 105 x 76 x 56 cm
Load capacity: 30 kg
Battery: 6V7AH
Engine: 2 motors
Age range: From over 2 years old
Call to order and register an agent now: (028) 3960 2266 – 3960 2076 (7h30 – 17h30)


Nel 1200 children’s electric motorbike is a newly launched electric sports car model simulating the standard model of Nel 1200 car for adults – Super large displacement supercar is gaining popularity among supercar lovers. Therefore, the NEL 1200 electric motorbike is designed coolly to every small detail, perfect for personality boys or dynamic girls. Let your baby transform into super cool “phượt” on his own supercar in his home playground, make sure he will be extremely excited.


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